Holland and Valls facing dissent from Martine Aubry.

Suffice to say that – thundering and assassin – return of the Mayor of Lille on the front of the national scene glad little president, overseeing his former rival to the corner of the eye since the latter withdrew on his ever land. Martine Aubry, who drew the first Secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadelis before the publication of his interview in the JDD, warned neither the head of State, who became aware of his critics by reading the weekly, or Manuel Valls. The head of State has chosen to respond indirectly the same evening, ensuring from the Elysee where he met business leaders, that the "reforms will continue at a pace still accelerated until the end" of the quinquennium. Determination on the side of the Prime Minister, who believes that the Government would not stop "in the middle of the Ford’. "Continue, it perseveres." The Executive is also working to "bring this intervention in what it is": ‘an internal contribution to the PS’, is a simple text for the Socialist General States. Objective: place Aubry on a smaller stage, that of the party. "Manoeuvres around the Congress began, analysis and a Minister. Martine Aubry paves the way for Benoît Hamon (member of the left wing, Editor’s note). His arrival would make what she wants then. "Another element of response: cast doubt on the intentions of the Mayor of Lille, recalling its legendary indecisiveness, his side"indecisive ". A senior PS lists thus: ‘ wants it to be first Secretary? ” Non. Want Matignon? I do not believe. Want to be a candidate in the presidential election? I have not felt it,. The problem with this return of Martine, is that there is no political outlet. "A governmental source does not say another thing: ‘ isn’t it who said:"When is unclear, it is that there is a wolf"? ” And well I can say that what it offers is unclear and it is not clear where it wants to come,. ‘. Root source can be read clicking the following http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.


Manuel Valls calls for ‘food patriotism ‘.

A speech that sounds like a call to order while Thursday, the Ministers of the economy Emmanuel Macron and the Agriculture St̩phane Le Foll receive farmers, industrial and distributors to put back on the table the subject of the price war in supermarkets and the spectre of deflation. The price war, "this is hell", "I live for a year" and "must be on way from the top," hammered Jean-Philippe Girard, president of the association of food industries (Ania). A similar message was sent to the Prime Minister during his time on the stand of Paysan Breton. Distributors and suppliers come to begin their annual negotiations to fix prices from the products of mass consumption for the coming year. These should last until late February. Saturday, the Government has in this connection published a decree allowing a return to the table of negotiations between supermarkets and food producers, strong fluctuations in agricultural prices. Several french distributors Рsystem U and Auchan on the one hand and Casino, Intermarch̩-come from alliances to strengthen their weight in discussions with suppliers, raising concern for the latter a new hardening of tone. . For additional on this topic click http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.


The Indian footballer Peter Biaksangzuala was killed by celebrating his goal.

It was in Sweden, in 1958, was born the legend of Pele, champion of the world for the first time, at only 17 years old. He scored his first goal in the World Cup in the short Brazilian victory over the country of Wales in the quarterfinals. The machine is launched. It will include three other semi-final against the France’s Just Fontaine, then a double in the final, the fourth goal, the most beautiful. Served from the left, Pelé has full cushioned surface breast, sombrero, and the right low-fly. The Brazil is finally required 5-2 and is sacred for the first time. Final of the world face the Italy and peeled gives her the most beautiful bisects assists, to conclude a unique movement that foreshadowed the idea of total football. All share a recovery shot from striker Tostao in position,. left-back. After a few passes, the ball starts by central defender Piazza, who serves as the defensive midfielder Clodoaldo. The dribble four Italians and serves Rivelino, which speeds up the game by finding Jairzinho in depth. Jairzinho transplanted to the axis and is peeled. Two keys on the right foot, barely a glance, a touch of the left foot and the King stops the time. Then he address a right foot easy and casual dish a pass at a tempo perfect to his captain and rear right Carlos Alberto which strikes without control. The Brazil won 4-1, and is three-time champion of the world. Yet Maradona! Genius! Genius! Genius! Ta-ta-Ta-ta-Ta-ta,. Goooooool,. Goooooool,. I want to cry, forgive me. Maradona and his ride unforgettable, the most beautiful of all time. Cosmic kite. But what planet you, come to leave on your road so much English? So the country is a fist tight, shouting to the glory of the Argentina! Argentina 2 – 0 England. Diegol, Diegol, Diego Armando Maradona. Thanks to God, for football, for Maradona, for those tears, and for this Argentina 2 – 0 England score. The most beautiful goal of all time, narrated live by Victor Hugo Morales, Uruguayan journalist of radio. There was good legs to catch who would get the Ballon d’Or three years later. The purpose of the English striker allows his team to 2 goals to 1 against Argentina in the round of finals. But Argentines will return to score and win the game in the penalty shootout. That year, the Argentina and Pekerman Riquelme played so well as it was a favorite for the title. It has collapsed yet from the quarter-final against the Germany. A few days earlier, it had at least cracked a masterpiece against Serbia, ridiculed 6-0. The second goal, signed Cambiasso, intervened at the end of 24 passes, involving nine players. It is firstly Riquelme who dictates the tempo to stretch the Serbian defence, before the acceleration of Sorin and inspiration of Crespo that serves a backheel Cambiasso in the surface. A perfection of collective action. . Related information can be found checking http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.


“The sincere body”: portraits of penis.

"Photographing the body without artifice, without the presence of social codes" and especially without erection, this is the strange draft which Nathalie Bagarry tackle between 2012 and 2014.  She was born in 1970. It comes from the world of the show. Singer-songwriter, but also a photographer it is now his images she gives the word. It develops ‘work on the body beyond seduction, eroticism or sexuality.’ His work revolves around the idea "of sincere body. They are not retouched in post-processing. She photographed everything, front: cracks, scars, bulges, subsidence,. The flesh takes the value of a troubling testimony on her pictures. It is not clear how to interpret what you see. Beyond the fact that these photos record the part of death lurking in us (to which the very notion of ‘rest’ refers more or less allusive way) is still facing them as facing a unfathomable wall. These penis does not tie. They send no message. They remain silent. They seem to know something about those who wear them. But what? "I tried to capture how the time crossed us," explains Nathalie Bagarry. Of these men who agreed to ask, she refuses to do nothing than age. The rest is secret. Or rather: no matter the rest. Because it is precisely the Enigma that Nathalie wants to confront,. "Initially, I was doing portraits. I was obsessed by a tension that I pursued in every look. I do not know what I was looking. At the same time I was photographing fragments of body. Fragments of feet, hands, necks, bas-ventres, shoulders, male gender. I was troubled, fascinated by this powerful and mysterious body language. The quest for the only look tired me. Without being able to bring myself to abandon the portrait, I then photographed a person to which I asked to veil his gaze. Framing tight in my usual. This new approach has, and all of a sudden rested me. » More of confrontation under the other. The man without a face and his inert penis refer Nathalie to a form of intimacy new, "shattering" who encouraged him – she – says in wonder. At this time, may 2012, Nathalie includes that it must undertake a new job: "reunite portraits veiling the eyes with hands and male gender. Hide that usually it is shown and reveal that usually it hidden. Isolate, examine areas of the body that fascinate me, then gather these little bits of humanity in a larger fragment. An individual which is itself only part of a larger whole. It was a revelation, a no-brainer. Why? I do not know but I was determined, scope, transported. » Nathalie then starts to photograph friends and acquaintances, asking everyone to talk about his work. Each new meeting allows him to enlarge his Cobweb: prospecting, long, careful, lasts two years. "I was also contacted by people I didn’t know. I send a Visual with explanatory text and if the person returned to resonance, followed a telephone conversation. At the same time I was in a center of naturists for instant photographs. I approached also on the internet of models not professionals attracted to artistic projects. Every man interested in this project could participate. Me mattered little age or the plastic. The only human interested me. Why the choice of a device at rest? «»99% of the time the male system is at rest. It is this state that it interested me to photograph and searching for another beauty, more discreet, perhaps less obvious to most people than a sex erect. I think that we are beautiful in our nakedness and,. every moment. I have a report to the natural body and uninhibited, very young I considered mine as a friend, I’ve never demonized him. . You should check this web site to learn more regarding this great matter.


+++ Germany ticker +++-kitchen fire: rescued 34 people from a nursing home.

07. 22: Ulm – a 36-year old from Baden-Württemberg stands in urgent suspicion of having killed and her son seriously injured their daughter. As reported by the police in Ulm, the woman noticed a motorist Munich late Sunday night at a construction site on the A8. She was bloodied and held a knife in his hand. The summoned Police found her two children in a car in a nearby underpass for a hint of the woman. A doctor could determine only the death of the eleven-year old girl. 07. 00 pm: Wardenburg – 34 inhabitants in the open have been put in a fire in an old people’s and nursing home in Wardenburg (district of Oldenburg) on Sunday evening. A stove in the kitchen on the floor burned, a spokesman said the police in Wildeshausen. Because she had inhaled smoke, a 66 in a hospital had to be taken. 160 forces were in use, people partly unable to go and in a wheelchair – the smoked out to save. After half an hour, the fire was extinguished. 06. 35 pm: Berlin–two masked gunmen raided a fast food restaurant in Berlin-Tiergarten on early Monday morning. They held three employees at Bay in the street of the 17th June with a knife and a firearm, as reported by the police. The unknown captured an unknown amount of cash and fled. The three jeopardized were unhurt. . For additional insights regarding this matter visit http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.


The ‘ Ndrangheta, the parliamentarian M5s complaint: I got intimidated.

And also writes on her Facebook profile: yesterday at the national public water event we talked about so many things. I have mentioned the danger of mafia infiltration that unfortunately we find also in our area. I recalled that the movement’s parliamentary emiliano Rai 5 Star demanded two weeks ago the resignation of Mayor of Brescello Coffrini after his statements on Gasper, definitively sentenced for criminal association in 2008 mafia. At the end of the event approached three people. One of them told me that the name of Gasper doesn’t owe more to nominate. Today I reported to unknown. REGGIO EMILIA-yesterday I approached three people. One of them told me that the name Gatluak don’t owe more make. Today I reported to unknown. He tells Maria Ivy Spadoni, parliamentary motion 5 Star Reggio, which calls for the resignation of Mayor of Brescello Marcello Coffrini for his relationship with the boss Francis Gatluak. The episode would take place in Reggio Emilia, at the end of a rally on public water. I mentioned the danger of mafia infiltration-Spadoni said-that unfortunately we find also in our area. I recalled that the movement’s parliamentary emiliano Rai 5 Star demanded two weeks ago the resignation of Mayor of Brescello after his statements on Gasper, definitively sentenced for criminal association in 2008 mafia. At the end of the event I approached these three people. . Inspirational data may be studied reading this http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.


The first solar in the operational in 2015 (responsible) Morocco.

The first solar plant of Morocco, in the heart of a vast development project this energy at a cost of seven billion euros, will come into service in 2015, said Sunday the primary responsibility for this program. The progress of the construction of the Park of Ouarzazate (South) will provide the Noor 1 station to become operational next year as provided for in the project, told AFP the patron of the national agency of solar energy (Masen), Mustapha Bakkoury, on the sidelines of a festival dedicated to this sector. Totalling over EUR 600 million, this first solar plant should generate 160 megawatts (MW). Its construction was entrusted to a mostly Saudi consortium. In the past, the ambitious projects of the Morocco to produce 2. 000 megawatts of solar by 2020 argue satisfactorily, said Mr. Bakkoury. The Kingdom means have at end of five solar parks, the first being that of Ouarzazate, the gateway to the Sahara, estimated capacity of 500 MW, or one of the largest projects in the world. The second phase of the realization of the Park – Noor 2 and Noor – 3 power plants must enter into construction early 2015, according to Mr. Bakkoury. For this, a tender was launched, of which the result will be communicated before the end of the year, he said. Seven companies have pre-qualified, including french and Spanish groups. A third phase of the project will be an announcement in the next few weeks, still noted Mr. Bakkoury. The Morocco, devoid of significant hydrocarbon reserves, is given for ambition to cover 42% of its needs with renewable energies by 2020. In addition to solar, setting it also on the development of wind power, and the largest park of the continent is under construction at Tarfaya (South-West). ZC/gk/emb/pre. You can check this http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu to read extra on this interesting matter.


Stockholm: Rumors about U boat sighting alert Sweden.

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported that the Swedish radio monitoring have already picked up a distress call in Russian on Thursday on a frequency used usually by Russia. The radio message was directed at a station in Kaliningrad. In Kaliningrad, the Russian Baltic fleet has its base. The military have started just 50 kilometres from the capital city away the search in an area on Friday, it said. Shortly thereafter a submarine had been sighted in the busy Bay Honningsvag. The Swedish military said from a very credible source and began a large-scale search operation underway. The Swedish armed forces are not in a position to deny or verify media news about a missing submarine. http://t. co/JYCOnIA51G #SwAF #svfm-Erik Lagersten (@lagersten) October 18, 2014, In the course of the conflict in Ukraine have grown even the tensions between Russia and the Baltic and the Nordic countries. Last month, two Russian fighter jets should be entered in Swedish airspace. Last week, Finland of the Russian Navy accused to have stopped a Finnish research vessel in international waters. . Related text can be read checking http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.


LONDON-The United Kingdom launches war on trolls on the Internet, namely those users, most often covered by anonymity, that offend and threaten people and institutions. The announcement is the British Justice Minister Chris Grayling, who in an interview with the Mail on Sunday was tough: These Internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning the lives of an entire country. We must mobilize against these cyber-crowds who think only to bark. And so, Grayling has proposed a tougher penalties for those who discriminate or offend network: six months of imprisonment as maximum penalty laid down for at least two years so far. The Minister repeated several times during the interview: they are cowards. And you have to fight them. Because these behaviors are not permitted in real life, and then you don’t even have to be online. For this we want to quadruple the penis. Grayling’s words come after the case of Chloe Madeley, a British presenter (daughter of another famous anchor, Judy Finnigan) which has been threatened with rape online after defending her mother after his controversial comments on another thorny case, that of Sheffield United footballer, Ched Evans, already sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for rape and was released from prison two days ago. The Finnigan had said that Evans ‘ crime was not violent, sparking anger, outrage and threats of rape and death online. Threats that have also involved their daughter Chloe. As demonstrated by this terrible case, added Mr Grayling, people are offended and threatened online in the most cruel and degrading treatment. We need a law to combat these aberrations. We must send a clear message. So, soon online threats in the United Kingdom no longer jurisdiction of magistrates ‘ courts (i.e. local courts with limited jurisdiction) but will go directly to the crown courts (courts that deal with the most serious criminal cases and appeals against decisions of the magistrates ‘ courts). Not only that the investigators will be given more time to gather clues and evidence. . You can check the following http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu to learn more regarding this interesting topic.


The sky is taken to the assault.

Says Paul that when mont can asked by qu and l which sat an c mo contest win, and laughed at the queues: now est n m s concerned. Says Paul that his face was on the ballot, and m not me gust, but thanks to that we did not have an MEP, but five, and worried. Says Paul after obtaining m s of a mill n of all votes were waiting for that you open champ n or cider, but avis Paul then and now warns: we have nothing to celebrate because we are here to win. And they worried n m s. Qui nes? We, the largest fen meno tico pol from the irrupci n of the PSOE in Gonz lez, ideological strategically against the third person plural has been built. We can is a force of reaction which parasitizes the moral decay of opponents to feed her as the mantis devouring what he wants; We can does not last, and its resistance to participate in the municipal shows its intent n go forward without leaving anything atr s, written in ink. When Paul returns to Marx to say that heaven is taken by assault speaks of La Moncloa, not M jewelleries. He could have used a verse of Sabina: to heaven will not be in a limousine, but Sabina has gotten s l as the third person plural. Vistalegre wasn’t the llenazo of Zapatero in 2008, among other things because the PSOE has m s of a century and we seven months. Neither room need to go to Vistalegre as really was to the cancer as to sell telephones; to the public we can p not is can offer you positions neither jobs nor the telara to institutional promises. They go because est n thrilled about and fed up with others, and have been in this game a form of Tabula rasa. Many traveled by night from Andaluc a, Galicia and Asturias. There are stalls were selling books, the Communist Manifesto, and magazines. Free is dealt the tide; at the Congress of the PP in Valladolid is to free the Raz nixes n. Danish cookies, strong cheeses, coffee, water and beer are offered inside. To go to the track, which also n is coso, through hallways lined with photos of Bustamante, Lenny Kravitz, David Bisbal and Supertramp. The centrality that dir after Paul. To entertain the waiting does not sound m sica: turns on the screens of Martin Luther King’s speech. Arriving at your website, Paul turns and applauds, and all scream for them. White shirt, pants n grey cowboy. The first ovaci n asking a d to rich hist is a round of applause to the enemy; Noblesse oblige. Dir then: now want to disguise themselves as normal people, removed his tie and constricting shirt. A group sings: Pablo President!. The sound fails on your right, where I hear but not understand me. Prevents the occurrence, if goes to think of it, and tells the public p If you prefer le m about s or m s away from the phone microphone. Answer close to that. The village has always raz n, sighs. Neruda’s can spring are the elections of oto or. Paul has a couple ball: Os acord is the end of basketball of the angels? Not be pod win, was impossible. Room to have fun, throw triple and making changes so that they all played. Os acord is of the end of 2008? All room to win. He says that not is pod to fail a triple and not an pod play all. And we look forward to doing it, if get you to beep a few steps to an American. Explains Paul two things in your torque ball: makes the system steps, and that not everyone can send in we can because it is no longer a festive movement with which pas rselo well. To win La Moncloa must send very few and with a firm course. Or played to the gallery or moving the dock at whim. Message to current Pablo Echenique, which then said it without torque balls: three General Secretaries don’t win elections and one s. And n m s: those who lose this pulse will have n side. . Additional info can be inspected visiting http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.