Abruzzo, former Governor Gianni Chiodi investigated for private violence, abuse and false.

Gianni Chiodi, former President of the Abruzzo Region, ended up back in trouble with the law: along with former sub regional health Commissioner Joan Baraldi and health Councillor Lanfranco Venturoni former Governor should respond to private violence, abuse and false about an investigation over the rooftops and accreditations on private health care. With them are also suspects two officials of the National Agency for regional services, but only for abuse. According to the indictment, Nails with Baba and Venturoni, would bring pressure on private clinics to sign contracts for health services with reductions that do not conform, or under duress, sometimes with attitudes to obstruct this, previous payments frozen awaiting signatures. The former President of the region thus urged both administrative leading to psychological restrictions in regional private health benefits but without effects on the health budget, as from 2010 the passive mobility to other neighbouring regions has increased from a passive 6 million to more than 100. . Related facts can be found reading http://pfundskerl.redtail-intl.com.


Ebola: The disease knows no boundaries.

You should have had contact with an adviser to the Liberian Government, who had died of Ebola this week in a hospital in Lagos. The forty years was travelled by plane in the city of 10 million and there collapsed at the airport. Given the devastating scale of the Ebola epidemic the Presidents of the countries concerned are gathered in the Guinean capital of Conakry on Friday with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), to discuss measures to combat the epidemic. On Thursday evening, the UN agency announced a 100-million-dollar program (75 million euros) for the fight against Ebola. "The extent of the Ebola outbreak and the danger make it necessary that the WHO, as well as Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone significantly strengthen the countermeasures it", said Director-General Margaret Chan. Thus hundreds more doctors, nurses, health experts, logistics and social workers should be used in the countries concerned. It is important to reinforce measures to inform, to track cases quickly and safely, and a spread of the epidemic to protect from neighboring countries, it further said. Better protection of employees in the clinics and health centres, "a rare resource in all three countries" is also important. The fear of the deadly disease has also spread to the United States. On Friday, a Charter plane was launched to Liberia, to bring two ill Americans home. The fear, to carry on this way Ebola to America is moving in social networks. "So I respect the (charity) work Samaritan’s purse, I want to have anybody with Ebola near the United States", tweeted a worried woman. The doctor and the nurse were in serious but stable condition, it said. You should first be flown to Atlanta. The Ebola outbreak marred the America-Africa Summit next week in Washington. The Presidents of the hard-hit countries, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Ernest Bai Koroma, have their participation cancelled, told the State Department in Washington. It was unclear on Friday whether other countries cancel. On Thursday, the United States had issued a travel warning for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Also the Foreign Ministry advises against unnecessary trips to the three States. Despite international efforts, an end of the epidemic is not foreseeable, it is in the updated travel and safety instructions of the Ministry. The medical care in the States was in deficit, does not rule out a spread of the disease. On Thursday, the WHO had published new data on the epidemic. Therefore, people died in the outbreak until July 27, 729. Within three days, nine in Sierra Leone and one in Nigeria were register 27 57 more deaths, of which in Liberia, Guinea, 20. The registered infections surged to between 24 and 27 July to 122 1323. For additional regarding this matter visit home page.


Highway A831: Valls refutes have repudiated Royal.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls denied Friday disavowed his Minister of ecology Ségolène Royal in accepting the launch of a consultation procedure on the realization of the A831 motorway, to which it is opposed, believing that we must have all the elements to decide. Not at all, replied Manuel Valls, at the end of the Government seminar while a journalist asked if his agreement to the launch of the consultation procedure on the realization of Highway A831 was a disavowal of Ms. Royal. To make a decision, he must have all the elements to be able to decide and make the right decision, he added. I’m like the Minister to listen to the elected representatives of this region. There is a project that asks a lot of problem in terms of? environmental integration, but to make the right choice, consider alternative choices and bypass, it must have all the elements in hand, insisted Manuel Valls. I am at the head of a consistent team that obviously discussed and, then, it is for me to arbitrate and to make choices that are needed, he said, before greeting the commitment and work of Ségolène Royal. The Prime Minister had said on Thursday had no objection to the launch of the consultation procedure on the realization of the highway A831, which opposes Ségolène Royal, without however prejudging its construction. Its position is the subject of a letter, made public by elected officials who seized it after the Minister of Ecology had expressed hostility to the project. . Root facts can be studied visiting this fact.


Israel: a State terrorist for the Bolivia and maligned by the Latin America.

Nothing goes between Israel and Latin America. Bolivian president Evo Morales has decided to hit strong Wednesday by announcing that Israel had to be declared terrorist State. We declare (Israel) terrorist State, he said, indicating that the offensive on Gaza shows that Israel is not a guarantor of the principles of respect for the life and the basic rights that govern the peaceful and harmonious of our international community coexistence. After the Brazil and Ecuador last week, the Chile, the Peru and the El Salvador were recalled Tuesday for consultation their Ambassador to Israel. As well as Costa Rica, the Argentina, which has the largest Jewish community in the region, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador of Israel. Discordant voice to this day, the Colombia, led by the centre-right president Juan Manuel Santos, who has ruled out any recall its diplomatic representative in Tel Aviv. I can’t remember a similar situation where all (countries in the region) have reacted almost as a block, said Reginaldo Nasser, Policy Department of the Pontifical University of Sao Paulo, the Brazil. Also the fact that more than 1400 Palestinians were killed, how can we explain such positions? In the first place, a country today making a statement against Israel will be more regarded as beyond international standards, says this expert who adds that the anti-American, often underlying dimension in the subcontinent, can also explain these positions. . Additional facts can be found reading fact.


First World War: Champagne and tears.

When started the first world war? For that, Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie; one a month after the assassination of Sarajevo of Archduke with Austro-Hungarian Declaration of war on Serbia on 28 July 1914, for others on July 30, that the Imperial Germany responded with the general mobilization of the Russian army on August 1 with the Declaration of war; for others with the invasion of the 16th Division of the German army in Luxembourg on 2 August – or with the violation of Belgian neutrality by the German advance on Liège on 4 August, which, in turn, offered the occasion for an immediate ultimatum to Berlin followed by a terminating relations together with the admission of the "State of war" with London. But back to August 31, Friday: around 11 40 am the official confirmation about the Russian general mobilization arrived in Berlin. Then Kaiser Wilhelm II. issued by the new Palace in Potsdam due to the urgent request of the General staff command to the proclamation of the "" State of of threat of war. In the early afternoon, then arrived with family in Berlin and consulted with Chief of staff Helmuth von Moltke, the Prussian War Minister Erich von Falkenhayn and Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg in the star Hall of the town Palace. Against 17 30 appeared Wilhelm with the family on the Palace balcony, spoke of the "heavy"hour for Germany: "envy everywhere make us righteous defense. Pressing the sword in his hand. If the opponent not drew up, you would "let them know what it’s like to irritate Germany". He advised his subjects to go into the Church: "Kneel before God and asking him for help for our brave army." It was followed by stormy cheers; the crowd sang "Die Wacht am Rhein": "a reputation like thunder Hall, such as sword clanking and waves impact it roars,. "Dinner later that day, in which a radical rightist French student Café shot the Socialist leader returned from Brussels and pacifist of Jean Jaurès in a Parisian, Ambassador Friedrich Graf von Pourtalès in St. Petersburg the note with the request handed over after setting the Russian mobilization within 12 hours. This does not happen will mobilize Germany. German declaration of war on Russia and France were prepared for the 1st of August (this was presented only in the evening of the 3rd of August in Paris). For extra insights on this subject click web site.


That multiple voting so opaque.

Dear Editor, since I took positions in boards of Directors (Telecom and Eni before then) I have always refrained from commenting on facts that relate to the company of which I was an advisor. I intend to continue to do so. I cannot, however, remain silent on Parliament’s decisions that I consider wrong, not so much for Eni, but for the country. Because these decisions can have an impact on Eni, prefer to lift them with a letter to the editor, not as a columnist, to be visible to everyone that my opinion may be influenced by the position that I do. I leave it to readers to judge if the point which I release is the result of a conflict of interest or if it is justified. In a vote of the Senate, the Bill on multiple vote of listed companies not only ensures that no investor worthy of the name put more foot in Italy, but a healthy replacement blocks at the top of the economic power in Italy. The Decree-Law provides that shareholders of listed companies who hold the shares for at least 24 months, enjoy a multiple voting rights. It is a surreptitious way to violate the equality of shareholders. As in Orwell’s animal farm, all are equal, but some one is more equal than others. This decision, although controversial, would be acceptable if the choice to introduce the plural vote was left alone to new companies listing. Google when it is listed has made it clear that voting rights were not equally distributed: the decision whether to accept this disproportion was left to investors who, at the time of listing, if they assumed the risk (caveat emptor). On the other hand the Decree (called for competitiveness) was aimed to encourage the listing of new companies, not to control groups of companies already listed (initiative that undermines our competitiveness, not favors). The introduction of plural voting is more delicate for companies already listed. The risk is that a minority abuses its voting power to impose its will on a majority. To mitigate this risk (in any statutory change) the civil code requires that statutory reforms require two-thirds of the votes in the Assembly. But an amendment by Senate approval violates this rule, introducing ad hoc waiver, for the next 7 months, to introduce the multiple vote with a simple majority. At first glance it seems a law to allow the State to introduce multiple voting in listed subsidiaries. In this way could sell more shares without the risk of losing control. If that were the case it would be a shortsighted and futile. Shortsighted because cash just a few billion, it would undermine the credibility of the country. If the state changes the laws to promote himself as a foreigner will ever trust of our country? Useless, because the State could easily come down to 25% in its subsidiaries without any risk of losing control. In fact, I fear that the real goal is another, even worse: protect what remains of the relationship capitalism, starting with the banking foundations to finish at Mediobanca. Under the blows of the crisis our relationship capitalism was falling apart. Finally at the top firms were beginning to be brave people like Mario General Greek, and not just who was acceptable to the foundations. This Bill goes in the opposite direction. Relationship capitalism argue not only block this spare healthy but reverses the trend, strengthening the power of capitalism to report. Other than scrapping, we to mummification. . You can check this http://pfundskerl.redtail-intl.com to learn extra about this interesting matter.


New court date in the debt dispute: Argentina Gets a second chance.

Argentina was entered into the night to Thursday for the second time in 13 years in a Government default because it failed the repayment of 539 million dollars (403 million euros) in debt with international creditors. The US rating agency standard & poor’s downgraded the Argentine credit at the level of partial default down. This rating means that a debtor does not timely pay back a bond or loan rate, but continue to fulfil other obligations. Buenos Aires denied payment to NML capital and Aurelius, that after the State broke end of 2001 cheap buying Argentine debt and now claim the full value. The due rate for other creditors amounting to $539 million, however, backed Argentina on an escrow account at the Bank of New York. The U.S. financial institution stated that the total stay frozen until a further decision from judge Griesa on the account. German savers and small investors are likely to be affected only in exceptional cases. That classic investment funds or even insurance companies invested in Argentina, is rare. According to data of the Morningstar analysis House, few emerging market funds, such as investment bank Goldman Sachs or the asset manager fidelity, have larger holdings of Argentine bonds. . For additional facts about this matter read http://pfundskerl.redtail-intl.com.


Ebola: plan for $ 100 million.

The Director General of the world Organization of health (who), Dr Margaret Chan, and the presidents of the countries of West Africa affected by the Ebola haemorrhagic fever epidemic will start Friday in Guinea a plan for 100 million dollars (75 million euros). The magnitude of the Ebola epidemic, and the persistent threat it poses, require the who and Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone a response to a new stadium, which will require an increase of resources, said Dr. Chan, in a statement released by the who in Geneva. the Director-General of the who and the presidents of the West African countries affected by the epidemic of Ebola will meet Friday in Guinea to launch a new plan of 100 million dollars as part of a national, regional and international campaign reinforced to control the epidemic, said who in the press release. According to who, the affected countries have needs that are deployed more humanitarian workers – hundreds, while hundreds are already on the ground, including 120 employees who. But more are required for emergency, insists the who, citing in particular the urgent need for more doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, logisticians and data managers. The plan also stresses the need to strengthen systems in neighbouring countries and worldwide capacity. WHO also stressed the need to increase prevention, detection and reporting of suspected cases, and better monitor risks at the borders and better protect caregivers. The balance sheet of the epidemic of haemorrhagic fever in large part due to the Ebola in West Africa continues to worsen with more than 1. 300 cases and 729 deaths to 27 July, including 57 in 4 days, according to the latest assessment of who published Thursday. Epidemic expressed at the beginning of the year in Guinea before winning Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Nigeria, an official Liberian, age 40, died Friday last in Lagos of the Ebola virus, becoming the first case listed in this country of this deadly fever. This man has probably been contaminated by her sister, who died of Ebola recently, who had come to Nigeria to attend a regional conference. Still, the who does not recommend travel or trade restrictions are imposed to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone or Nigeria on the basis of currently available information regarding this epidemic, which is beginning to worry the rest of the world. The Ebola virus is manifested especially by bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea. Its death rate can range from 25% to 90% and there is no licensed vaccine. It is transmitted by direct contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of infected animals or people. . For additional regarding this subject check hyperlink.


New weapons in the war of the world: the industry of killing.

There were ideas for main battle tanks in nearly all countries, but the military rejected it. Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph should have been, however, because when starting the engine, the horses spared his entourage. In England the army didn’t want them, so that the Secretary of the Navy, a young politician named Winston Churchill, simply declared, "Country ships". Nevertheless, had their own armored car until the war ended all large States. In steel crates, 50 degrees ruled at times, the control was nearly impossible and the noise so powerfully that the Commander gave his orders with a hammer by knocking. Sometimes get surprise successes, but tank did not have a truly military value (yet). Submarines have been underestimated by all navies, but still built. On 22 September 1914 sank the German U-9 not even 30 man crew in an hour three British armoured cruiser. The success of Captain Lieutenant Otto Weddigen resulted in Germany to a U boat enthusiasm and in England a shock. As also in the second world war, initially considerable achievements reach, and the British seemed powerless against the silent danger. In the course of the war, but became the Hunter hunted and had hardly a chance. Weddingen, the British sailors had always appreciated the bravery, had fallen in the first year of the war. the effect of gas attack with phosgene without gas mask to illustrate © dpa touches an American soldier at a demonstration in France in 1918 on the neck and raises his arm into the air, while his comrades with gas masks continue. The machine gun was already half a century old at the beginning of the war. But en masse occurred only in the first world war the usage – and went under its German name 08/15 even in the language. Together with barbed wire there led to a preponderance of the defenders against the attackers, the years of trench warfare was the result. A few men could stop all battalions with their machine guns. The Cavalry, once the Queen of the battle field was survived at the same time. One day, the beginning of the battle of the Somme 1916, British were killed 20 000 – most bled to death with MG wounds in the barbed wire. Poison gas was the first weapons of mass destruction and was first employed by German side to a greater extent. Initially, the weapon was simply drained bottles if the wind to the enemy blew. Soon the gas grenades were fired. A Senfgasverwundeter was a corporal named Adolf Hitler. Tens of thousands died, but the gas gun did not have the hoped for effect as "Front-breakers". But she caused worldwide dismay – that was also a reason for this, that chemical weapons were used since only rarely. . Related info can be found checking http://pfundskerl.redtail-intl.com.


Usa superfood arrive here are the foods that extend life.

The salmon was repeatedly portrayed as an effective anti-cancer drug. Many nutritionists praise the health benefits of blueberries, Kohlrabi and cinnamon. In the United States is booming superfood, a term that made his entry in the dictionary 15 years ago, but he is having a real success in recent times. Without having a formal definition, according to Phil Hagen, preventive medicine specialist in Minnesota. Currently, explains the doctor-is more than a label to sell something. Also because there is no food out there, that all 30 or 50 nutrients that we should consume regularly. In short, the superfood there? In fact the superfood, how could translate the American term, not really a brand and that’s it. At the base there is the belief that there are foods with more properties than others. In particular, the nutrients, or about 40 substances that the National Institutes of Health has classified as essential. There are vitamins, trace minerals, some fat and more. Among the superfood there would also be the legum, with fewer calories but plenty of protein and fiber. The nuts, to Dr. Hagen, is another superfood because high calories come largely from oil benefits. But even the simple egg, yogurt magro are highly beneficial, because they have a high content of protein and calcium. In short, there are many foods. And from the variety comes strength. When nutritionists are a group of people are consuming a lot of healthy types of food, preferably fresh, says Hagen. Common sense, then. And a label that is not excluded that it will, sooner or later, even in Italy. . Original source could be studied checking this http://pfundskerl.redtail-intl.com.