Business leaders prefer Alain Juppé to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Therefore Alain Juppé, with 58% of business leaders declaring make him ‘completely trust’ or ‘rather trust’, which arrives at the head of a list of some 30 political figures. The Mayor of Bordeaux ahead,. Nicolas Sarkozy, who inspires confidence in 54% of business leaders. In this regard, the revenantde policy is considered to be "capable of proposing a policy" for large groups and start-ups by respectively 76% and 61% of business leaders. On the other hand, business leaders are more reserved about what could be the former President for SMEs and very small businesses, with respectively 56% and 52% of business leaders having confidence in him to lead a policy favourable to these structures. In any case, Alain Juppe and Nicolas Sarkozy are largely the race before the third man,. who, surprise, isn’t François Fillon but François Baroin with 37% of respondents stating "trust". Should we see in this third place the desire to attend a generational succession – François Baroin has «that» 49 years? In any case, the Mayor of Troyes beats François Fillon the other challenger weight – with Alain Juppé – Nicolas Sarkozy. If former Prime Minister collects the same rate of confidence (37%) than François Baroin, however he recorded a negative rate (number of person him "not trusted") higher than its ‘young’ former Minister of the economy, with respectively 54% and 45%. François Bayrou came in fifth place (33% of business leaders trust him),. before Emmanuel Macron (32%). The current Minister of the economy may be consoled by noting that with this 6th place, it happens at the top of the personalities of the current majority before Manuel Valls, tenth with 28%. . Main facts could be found visiting the following link.


Logbook in a nuclear attack submarine: first day.

The sailors were drawn. They are mobilized from the night on a combat with a frigate exercise. The central position of operations – driving – I am a first blunder saying hello: "There, it is the last time I squeeze you hand", told me in a cold smile a type shaven, which I accept the Greek profile and long brown lashes. "I forgot to tell you, apologizes Axel R., the second-in-command, accompanies me. ” It is not tightened hand on board. For hygiene issues.  "Well, I had decided to not to leave my questions and my notebooks too early. "There will be a Taming. Then you will be absorbed in the group, and people will more attention to you, me had encouraged the officer in charge of the communication of the Navy, Philippe Ebanga. In the afternoon, before leaving Toulon for good this time, the second led the appeal. He introduces me to the crew lined up on the dock: "Ms. Guibert is journalist auMonde. She comes to learn about the life of submariners. It will be a month with us.  ’ At these words, they applaud! At this moment, I don’t know how to take. I just their smile while plunging my hands into the pockets of my national Navy blue suit. For a month, I’ll be "Mrs. Guibert". . For additional facts regarding this subject read


Internet Group Alibaba on the stock exchange: And that To want match wits with Amazon?

Alibaba share’s announced record price was the first New York trading day is still being outbid by 38 percent. Everyone feels: this Chinese company Alibaba in New York IPO happens something fundamentally new in the world. But what exactly is it? The peculiar decision er structure of the company, the small people ethos of its founder, Jack Ma ago: what drives investors in Europe and America to buy Alibaba shares, is the prospect, to obtain a universal key for the Chinese market and its continued growth promises. But even the continuation of the old dream of China, is of an entirely Western was. But now might be something else starts with Alibaba. "In the last decade we have judged us, how Very much we have changed China", wrote Jack Ma potential investors: "In the future we will be judged, How much progress we bring to the world." Is this the beginning of a thrust reversers, captured the rest of the world and their markets by means of which the energy accumulated among Chinese consumers and changed? On a local scale, this already happens when French leather boutiques in France or Italian gourmet restaurants in Italy by Chinese run. The question, however, is what competitive advantage Alibaba could result in a direct confrontation in the field. Once only a huge disadvantage in the eye falls: the dependency of an authoritarian and unpredictable in doubt political system. "What can defeat you, sometimes is not the technology, but simply a document", Jack Ma had even once said at a Technology Conference in Beijing. Even if the company like all companies, which are grown in China, is well linked with the relevant circles of the Communist Party, market observers consider a real risk still unclear regulation of Internet finance in the country. One reason for the peculiar composition of the goods could be that Alibaba first wants to rely on his intervention in the world on the fifty million Chinese in the diaspora and that the companies that previously won it for export, have perhaps especially something like Asia markets in mind. . Inspirational source could be read visiting the following site.


Northern European literature: Gaute Heivoll, new entry from Norway.

Born in that time of confusion, Gaute Heivoll feels his life inextricably linked to the arsonist. Combining the history of who caused so much destruction to own, tells in a masterly way the folly in every human life, investigating conditions that can scatenarla. What is it that pushes each of us towards the dark side or light side of life? With empathy and astonishment, the Narrator explores memory and loss of a community in which each person is a story unto itself intertwined with that of others. His is a song from the heart of the blaze, where the flames, along with homes and memories around, swallow even a bright future that is no longer State; where to keep a hand on cerino seems to be the only remedy for loneliness and cold of this. And where the great smile and warmth of a mother is stronger than the fury of fire that touches the lives of every one of us. . Original source can be studied clicking the following fact.


Fiji: Bainimarama ex-putschiste became Prime Minister.

The strong ex of Fiji, Voreqe Bainimarama, became Monday Prime Minister of this archipelago in the South Pacific after the victory of his party in the legislative elections, first democratic elections since the 2006 coup. Bainimarama, whose First Party won nearly 60 percent of the vote according to final results, was invested by president Epeli Nailatikau during a brief ceremony at the Government Headquarters in the capital, Suva. I promise solemnly and sincerely to complete my load with honor, dignity and integrity, he said, eight years after filing the last leader democratically elected Fiji Laisenia Qarase. Opposition parties have denounced irregularities in the conduct of the elections but a group of international observers have deemed them credible and consistent with the will of the people. It is the victory of all Fijians, had launched the former soldier to his supporters on the evening of the election, strong of a participation rate of 83.9%. Then head of the army, Voreqe Bainimarama had seized power on 5 December 2006, during a coup without bloodshed, in a context of tensions between indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians, descendants of the Indian labour force imported by the British to work the fields of cane sugar. He had repeatedly delayed the return to democracy of the country, develop the economy and to amend the Constitution to ease the rivalry between Indo-Fijians, who account for 40% of the 900. 000 people, and indigenous Fijians. Under the pressure of the Australia and the New Zealand, Fiji is currently suspended from the Commonwealth and the Pacific Islands Forum. The archipelago hopes to regain its place in these organizations and regain the confidence of investors. The Commonwealth has already described the elections of turning point for Fiji. Nevertheless, human rights NGOs remain conservative. Amnesty International in particular fears a democratic decoy. . Root facts could be read checking the following


Mercedes duel for the formula 1-World Championship – Lewis Hamilton and the false compassion after the Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton pitied the departing Nico Rosberg after his triumph in Singapore. But actually, the Briton must be happy: because only through the defect when the Mercedes of the opponent he now leads in the World Cup. His mercy sounds so played. From the point of view of the team, as he says: "It is not a perfect result, because Nico came not in the target. And we strive always to bring both cars over the distance and then to get a one-two victory. That was our goal here, since it is managed before anybody here to achieve the positions one and two. There are still things we need to work on. "It says the team player in Hamilton. As lone, the 2008 World Champion must hold but also: "the points are a matter Of course. I came here hoping to get seven points. If it would be more than that, I would have considered that bonus. Hamilton personally it would not better run in Singapore. Would be Rosberg is not eliminated, the Briton could have over not the lead in the World Cup – are still five races to go. From now counts every goof of the opponent or any damage to the opposing Mercedes as A lot as their own successes. Hamilton’s compassion from Singapore sounds so Very much played. There were more. Much more. Hamilton took its backlog with a blow and this transformed even into a lead in the world championship standings. "After this race I must say: help the additional points Of course immensely." He still sees himself in the role of the Hunter, Hamilton says. "And that’s a good feeling." Especially after an all-important point victory against arch-rivals Nico Rosberg. . You can visit the following page to learn more on this interesting matter.


Formula 1 race in Singapore: Rosberg had his cable drama.

The hardest day for me this year at all, so Nico Rosberg described what he had been through in the streets of Singapore. Even before the start, he had buried almost all hopes, maybe even to be able to extend his lead in the formula 1 World Championship to Lewis Hamilton. And at the end he had to resign himself, standing, on the pit wall even, that the Briton took him the championship lead with his seventh victory of the season. To be so helpless to do anything, it’s just incredibly bitter. Once again, they tried everything, but also a renewed change of the unruly part brought no real improvement. All efforts were in vain, Rosberg had to start from the pit lane. I was still hoping, that it is somehow still works, that maybe something swing banal as once more what – but it has brought nothing what, Rosberg said. Somewhere, probably was a mini defect in the connection between the steering wheel and car in it, raised that no buttons worked. The paddles were the only thing that really worked – that was enough though, at least To try to completely back yet to reach. Soon however showed that this would remain a futile endeavor, the ailing Mercedes was so slow: it was not so nice drive behind a Caterham, said Rosberg resigned, after he had given up on the first pit stop in the 14th round. Would have worked only to restart the car, if you literally would drop it from the Jack, team Chief said toto Wolff, but since I broke off then that, because that someday everything would have been too dangerous. Wolff took his driver in the arm, tried to comfort. The Nico was a nice gesture, thanked, but the team is Yes just as disappointed as I. Amazingly quiet and cool the 29-year-old was soon again, seemed relatively well to be able to put away the huge disappointment: while driving, I got excited me, Rosberg admitted, now it’s already back somewhat. It is a Very much sobering result. But I can change anything, it must accept it. It was a stinking feeling, if a trifle destroyed the whole race. Reliability is our big problem, something like that happens simply still too often, because we need to work. As it turned out, it was a cable in the steering column, which had been on strike. Rosberg thinks not in doubt, his chances of title. Despite a setback to look positively into the future, this is one of its strengths. So he’s happy it especially on the race in two weeks at Suzuka: this is a route that completely suits me, I incredibly like. Because I want to turn to then again everything. He wants to Not yet further speculate about advantages and disadvantages to the end of the season. If even further, the picture for him doesn’t look so bad: Sochi can properly appreciate no one as a completely new course, Austin should neither offer special advantages, be A little bit more, be a Rosberg track Brazil – only Abu Dhabi is a Hamilton-land. . Similar information can be found reading homepage.


Partial withdrawal of the army in Eastern Ukraine.

The warring parties had agreed with the mediation of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on the night of Saturday a buffer zone of 30 kilometers. No weapons or combat units are allowed in the zone. A concrete implementation of the agreement but still not talked about on Sunday. The EU welcomed the new steps agreed upon in the Belarusian capital of Minsk under OSCE mediation for a solution to the crisis. The ceasefire and exchange of prisoners would have led to a significant decrease in the violence, according to an announcement published in Brussels the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton. A permanent cease-fire is the key to a political solution to the crisis. According to the memorandum signed in Minsk, foreign fighters must leave the Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry again rejected allegations of the West on Saturday, Russian soldiers would be deployed in the Eastern Ukraine. To cope with the humanitarian crisis, Moscow sent a third aid convoy into the conflict area after the meeting in Minsk. About 200 trucks with 2000 tons brought food and medicines in the crisis area. . Additional information can be found reading


Russia: Thousands demonstrate for peace in Moscow.

Thousands of Russians have gone in Moscow against the war in the Ukraine on the road. Under the slogan no to war! Putin opponents a peace March gathered. It is the first large protest since the outbreak of the bloody conflict in the East of Ukraine in April.   The organizers of the peace March in strongest terms condemn that Russian mercenaries, but also regular soldiers involved in the fighting in the Eastern Ukraine. What our troops die?, it is asking and complaining at the same time on posters. The people call on the authorities to clarify the stakes and the deaths of Russian soldiers in the Eastern Ukraine. Those responsible for this war-mongering should be punished.       In Moscow, the once richest man in the country, Michael Chodorkowski, supported the protests. It is a shaky truce, but the problem remains. Our country participates directly or indirectly in the conflict, it is on the side of khodorkovsky. ru of Putin critic. With its initiative based at the weekend open Russia, he wants to bring back civil society in the country on the legs. . For extended regarding this subject read


French Ligue 1: against Guingamp, Monaco finally hope to start his season.

Monaco, 19th in L1 which receives Guingamp Sunday, is the only french club to have won on the European scene this week and hope that this victory over Leverkusen (1-0) will mark the real start of the season. I hope that this victory (against Leverkusen) will be our starting point, clearly Announces Fabinho, monegasque neo-international Brazilian defender. During these first days, it did not see the Monaco wanted. But it is progress. Even if he missed something in the first half against Leverkusen, our second period has been very good. If his teammate and Captain Jérémy Toulalan recognizes that some form of trust may arise of the victorious opposition, he had, as early as before, warned his people of the situation. The most important and the most complicated of the week match will be Sunday against Guingamp, he said. Because the experienced french midfielder knows very well that the days post-champions League are still delicate. Subconsciously, the pressure drops always. And that goes for any strength. One of the Monegasque opportunities may lie in the fact that Guingamp played Thursday the 1st day of the Europa League (corrected 3-0 by Fiorentina), and that team followed, after reception Sunday in Bordeaux (2-1) and this move to Fiorentina, a third prestigious opponent. Still a big game, said coach Jocelyn Gourvennec, whose strength is not necessarily built for such rate. -’ Paris is not far’ – this is not the opinion of Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim. Guingamp will not suffer physically, ensures the Portuguese technician, who was in Florence to supervise the Britons. In France, all teams are able to play three matches in the week. You must therefore be 100% and focus on this game. It is less media, with less pressure than that against Leverkusen. But if Monaco wants to continue to play Europe in future years, he must win. For now, however, Monaco remains far from achieving its objectives. Its position as relegation-threatened could even make a potential opponent of Guingamp in the fight to maintain. I don’t think so, says Giri. But we realise that it is hard for everyone. Apart from Paris, it is a very open Championship. This Paris SG, presented by everyone as the ogre of the Championship, does point to five points before Monaco. And, despite the many departures from the summer in the Principality, Fabinho has not abandoned the idea of him compete for the title. Even if the project has changed, it is there, loose it. It has everything to be a good season. Paris is not far. You can return. We started badly our championship. Our ranking is not good. But our goal remains one of the top three places at the end of season. It is still possible to keep. It is also the speech of confidence that had to change the president of the club, Dmitry Rybolovlev, who came welcome his players before the cameras during the few minutes open to the press Friday. And to reach to the upper echelons of the L1, Fabinho, who admits that his own start to the season is not terrible, insists: you must recover points. We know that one must win at home. Otherwise, he, his teammates and its president must undoubtedly their ambitions downward. . Main data could be studied clicking this link.