There are three series, including those new to American tv, which have between co-protagonists social networks and who uses them. Not the way of the Italian tv-talk with politicians who plead the public hashtaggare random things, because if we fail to have a decent share at least you can become trending topic-but the way the reality around the world: with humans who smanettano on Smartphones to tow other humans. Selfie (Abc) is delayed by at least five years: she is obsessed by autoscattarsi and by updating his status and his follower count; him, that even joined Facebook (and, if home doesn’t have a telephone, little disc is missing), attempts to disintossicarla. Of course, as soon as he faces on Facebook becomes addicted to turn. The same evening, on Tuesday, on the same network’s Manhattan Love Story, which for narrative coherence is also over every found. You want to search on Google the name him, the first time coming out. But you are wrong and you type in a social, making it known to every contact in your network that was looking for news about that blond. Yes, it would not have been credible, even five years ago. But it would have been less musty. And then there’s A to Z (Nbc), which came in ahead of time. He works in the Office of a dating couple app: a kind of Tinder. You register to their service but then reconsiders, works in the law firm there in front, fall in love. Two weeks ago, the head of he redarguiva employees: too many among those who tow the app are happily marry, and so they stop paying the monthly subscription, is not what we want. Was smiling, two weeks ago: a sensible objection is not that the app there are free. Then, on Monday, Tinder announced that in November will debut a premium version of the app. For an additional fee. Soon we will be really in open space full of ambitious young business postal code that remind them that a solid pair is a loss of profit. He had already planned a show, the only one in advance (A to Z has one share very low, and probably erase immediately; maybe, who knows, replacing it with a monologue of electoral Italian pollster). Twitter: @lasoncini. For additional insights on this matter check blog.


Clan camorristici in Sardinia, convulsions for 20 mln: suspect Salvatore Cicu, MEP to Italy Force.

Are the implications of high-profile investigation of the guardia di finanza of Cagliari in Sardinia laundering of money delclan of the Casalesi Camorra.  There is also the MEP procura to Italy Force must respond just recycling. Cicu would be of You. ri. CST. srl, owner of the hotel Villasimius seized from finance and acquired, according to the indictment, from the Casalesi. In Cicu was also seized a building in Cagliari. The other suspects include former Mayor Sardinians of Sestu (Fi) and the current city councilman, also to Italy Force. Among the 17 suspects there is also regional councillor of Campania of Fdi, in the investigation of the Dda to Cagliari in Sardinia, laundering the money of the Casalesi. The politician would have contacted the Sardinian company You. ri. cost, then taken over by the camorristici clan, to be part of it after one of the partners Islanders had decided to exit the partnership. Palace would pay an initial tranche for entry, then deciding not to complete the operation. Corporate passes into the hands of people of Casale, the regional adviser would be repaid by clan, as well as place, (Cicu, Taccori and Carter). According to surveys of the Guardia di Finanza, the money for the release of four members amounts to 130 thousand of which a Palace and 270 thousand in total to the other three. In total, the replacement of the Casalesi operation in You. ri. cost cost 30 thousand million euros, against an initial investment of 600 thousand euros. All this, for the Dda, configures the offence of money laundering questioned the 17 suspects. The Sardinian society is created in 2001 and sees as an administrator Cau, while Cicu and the then Mayor of Kolkata include as hidden funders. It is at this stage that the Fellowship locates the land where in Villasimius tourist complex will be built Is now incantu, seized from Fiamme Gialle. The people of Casale, according to Finance reconstruction, put his hands on the company in 2003 by acquiring all shares-says the Dda-are involved in the investigation as well as other related professionals and entrepreneurs, who had invested the money earned through illegal activities in the tourism sector. The guardia di finanza seized, in addition to the tourist village, seven companies, 40 buildings, eight plots of land in the provinces of Cagliari, Naples and Caserta. But even shares and bank accounts for over euro. . For extra information regarding this topic click


Online dating – it has ausgetindert: Platform for sex dates bored users.

What had once been like a bomb and finally helped the poor online dating to some coolness and glamour, could disappear as soon as it came. The blazing fire in the logo of the dating app threatens to shrink on the back burner. Online dating have the two million people in this country downloaded with a piece of tinder hope from the app store, according to a study of the portal. de only 37 percent fun on the collective and Hergewische. This could be especially because up here looking for what fits together. Indicated 55 percent of users to search for love (just under half of it after all men!), it was symbolic 69 percent but only about sex. As a general problem, 88 percent indicated the boring or very sexually explicit messages and trailing dialogues. 44 percent criticized to have received no news at all. It is partner in the supermarket of the potential (sex). You look at just about themselves, but with may to the cashier only a small fraction. And then usually only test purchases. . You must visit the following resource to discover extra about this great topic.


Indonesia on the lookout for possible MH370 wreck parts.

Wreckage of the Malaysian MH370 disappeared in March could be washed according to Australian in the Indian Ocean in the West or on the coast of Indonesia. In the South-East Asian neighbour, the authorities were, stopped at the possible debris to look for, the Australian transport safety authorities reported. Information is therefore based on current models of the maritime safety authority. Although there are always calls from the public about possible discoveries of wreckage on the coast of Australia. This would carefully examined, are accordingly by the authorities but apparently for not very likely. The search teams have resumed 1,800 kilometres west of Perth the investigation of the seabed about after a longer break. Last Thursday, the special ship "GO Phoenix" on the way to the search area should be. There, the Dutch "Fugro discovery" that is already employed systematically to look for possible wreckage on the ocean floor. The "Fugro Equator" should also be entrusted as a third ship with the underwater search when it has completed the currently ongoing mapping of the search area. The Australian authority according to this should be the case is expected on Friday. Malaysia’s Defense Minister Hishamuddin Hussein had said during a visit to Perth, the search will continue in any case after the plane. "We must not give up hope, even if hope sometimes is the only what we have", said the Minister. He was responsible for the search on the Malaysian authorities for a long time after the plane lost with 239 people on board. Some family members criticizing the Malaysian Government for its still-inadequate information policy. So the nationals organization "Voice370" demanded this week the publication of a detailed list on the missing Boeing 777 cargo. The list, published in may by the authorities was not complete. . For more regarding this topic read homepage.


Health, dementia patients: for the Government are citizens or ‘ non-returnable ‘ gaps ‘.

Martha, Josie, Maria, Cornelia, Mario, Rino and Sandro, from North to South, don’t have the money to pay the inpatient caregivers in NURSING HOMES, unable to have the diagnosis, medical experts are not when there is a crisis. They next service of any kind, support, reference centre. But how do you feel when you know that once the Country disappoint their requests for help? No consolation to know that in Italy people with dementia are at least 1. 200.000, with 180. 000 new cases every year. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia (over 60%) and suffer at least 700.000 people, of which more than 85% fully charged the family with a cost per capita by 15.000 to 50 000 euros. Families, even today, are the only ones to provide, with their resources and their time, everything that the public system fails to give. All this was brought to the attention of decision-makers and institutions on the occasion of the meeting of 15 October, with the goal of highlighting what doesn’t work, and emphasize the weak passages of a National Dementia Plan that Italy, with so much delay, is finalizing. Several contributions and approaches: AIMA denounced the untenable situation of families between insufficient health services and social services are absent. Cittadinanzattiva highlighted the importance of taking charge of people with dementia who don’t seem to find timely responses within the National Dementia Plan, starting with the absence of any form of financing. In addition to this there is to emphasize that the plan is the result of a work of the Ministry of health only, whereas we would have hoped for a lion of the Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali. Senator Dirindin, intervened in the course of the work, confirmed the shareability of our analysis, and the inability to define and fund LIVEAS (essential Levels of social assistance). He emphasized the range of work for service goals (specific, measurable objectives related to a health service) due to lack of funds, and the possible financing of non-Fund self-sufficiency through the expected savings from the spending review in health care. He also confirmed the concrete possibility that accompanying allowance becomes "source of income". But Dementia is at national level that you play the game of our disappointment. Held on the table of the Minister for 3 months, drawn from prevention and Programming Directorates of the Ministry of health, with the ISS and many regions, in 9 months, 24 4 objectives, actions, but zero money. A document that appears to be an exercise in style, aimed at optimizing resources (regions), to "indicate" a virtuous path to those who have the money to make it happen and a strategy of integration who will interact with the "social" almost absent from the floor. AIFA has confirmed that the problem for Alzheimer’s is in pharmaceutical spending, always at risk of cuts to the cost/benefit ratio of current therapies and to the uncertainty of the long-term effects of new expensive molecules on the horizon, and highlighted the problem of assessing the real therapeutic impact and risks of new drugs coming in the near future. . Related data can be inspected visiting


The unique employment contract, an old idea complicated to put in music.

The unique employment contract, considered an interesting by Prime Minister Manuel Valls idea is a proposal that returns repeatedly to the right and among some economists, but which would be complicated to put in music. This contract, abolishing the distinction CDI/CSD, was proposed by the new Nobel d? french economy Jean Tirole for reforming the employment market Manuel Valls reiterated Wednesday and Thursday that he saw an interesting idea, showing its willingness to act on inequalities between very protected by CDI employees and precarious in CDD and interim. Given the economic situation, companies are very reluctant to the CDI. The CSD of less than a month accounted for seven hirings in 10 in the third quarter, even if almost nine out of ten employees are still in TDCI. But carefully pointed out the Prime Minister, these discussions should take place first within the social partners and they have not adopted until now the single contract. This idea of contract, made by M. Tirole 2003 and also proposed by Francis Kramarz and Pierre Cahuc in a 2004 report, economists comes back recurrently in France where exist many forms of employment contract. This was particularly a promise to campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. But eventually never saw the day because, once is not custom, of hostility to both trade unions and employers. During negotiations in 2007 on the modernisation of the labour market, the proposal had thus been buried, employers including defending the economic utility of the CSD. -’ It is a wrong track’-L’ former UMP Xavier Bertrand labour regretted the week last of having sent a walk at the time by the social partners. As with other voice of the opposition, he argues for this contract that would prevent millions of employees so to speak of second-class, CSD having difficulties to fit, to have the confidence of an owner, a banker to buy a home or even buy a car. In its recent proposals for 1 million jobs, Medef said that the polarization between DTAS and the other employees, especially young people who linked short-term contracts is not acceptable. But in response to the fear of hiring companies, the employers ‘ organization proposes a project contract, a Commission which would end automatically once the project with termination indemnities prefixed based on seniority. On the side of unions, even if all denounce an abuse of the CSD, hostility to the single contract remains. Call a cat a cat, if it comes to a contract that stops when you want, it can not go us. We are still precarious workers, and for us it is a tremendous setback, said Thursday to AFP the Chairman of the CFTC Philippe Louis. It had removed the single contract because it was to introduce another form of breach of the contract of employment, flexibility employees would suffer, how the economy of the coup would suffer and whose business operations would not much, he added. It is an old Moon, also recently rained Véronique Descaq (CFDT). On the side of economists, some also wonder about the feasibility of such a measure. It is an idea that is interesting, but it’s complicated to put in music because you still need CSD for replacements, maternity or paternity leave,, explains Gérard Cornilleau, of the french Observatory of economic conditions (OFCE). The single contract is a myth, believes his side Henri Sterdyniak, also at OFCE. Obviously, the CSD have grown excessively, but I think that we should maintain this distinction and combat this invasion of the CSD, he said. The idea of single contract will create confusion among people who rent their accommodation, the level of credit, instead of each level in the company, believes Economist for whom it is simply a false track. . For extra information regarding this topic read


The establishment of civil freedom boobies Department represents a natural continuity than we have done so far and also take care of the rights of same-sex couples: we came to the conclusion that the German law on civil unions represent a fair compromise between the deep respect of Christian values, we care about very much, and traditional family but who has public liability cannot not to intervene when the company needs change. The said press conference, Silvio Berlusconi. Gay: Berlusconi, family centered but change of pace-the traditional family and ‘ wealth and the cornerstone of our country but even more so are the love, respect and dignity, Silvio Berlusconi said at a press conference, adding: the person and the family are at the heart of our vision, we are fighting for the support of the family, which is composed of a man and a woman, but we strive to respect the person in all its aspects and then individual civil rights and we need a change of pace and we must make this effort to adapt to the reality that it’s changed. Government: Berlusconi, third elected and we should not arise-we are in the third Government not elected by citizens who govern with a majority that won with a difference of 0.25%, Silvio Berlusconi said at a press conference, adding: to get out of the Senate have trampled laws and now we should not stay as we are, and we will arise and protest. Berlusconi: dutiful citizenship to those who have studied in Italy-Give citizenship to children of foreigners living in Italy and ‘ doversoso, much more after a school that allows him to speak our language and learn about our history and milestones of our civilization. Silvio Berlusocni said at a press conference. . For additional data on this matter click


Can be done with the revelations about the daughter of the Prime Minister of Australia?

The proceedings against Freya Newman have revived a broad political debate on how the Treaty Australia its ‘whistleblowers’ and its newspapers. In July, WikiLeaks – founder, Julian Assange, is Australian and had stood for the elections – had revealed that the country’s media had been targeted by a "gag order", an order secret forbidding them to reveal a major corruption scandal. The order prohibited the media to talk about the alleged role of 17 people in this scandal involving a subsidiary of the Australian Central Bank, and the heads of State and Government of several countries in Southeast Asia, including the Malaysia and the Viet Nam. The subject is particularly sensitive in Australia that several major company scandals have been revealed by the whistleblowers. In 2013, revelations of a former employee of a detention centre for migrants on the island of Manus had updated a broad system of ill-treatment and sexual violence against asylum-seekers. Last week, New Matilda had also published emails violently racist and misogynist sent by a professor at the University of Sydney, Barry Spurr. Mr. Spurr, who has been suspended from his teaching position, brought complaints against the information site – and got that latter does not publish new emails, before removing his complaint. . Extended information can be read checking


Job change: Overthrow, purify, stand up again.

When Wolfgang Büchele lands at Munich Airport, already the advertising signaled him that he has arrived. The first thing he sees in the Terminal, is the neon sign of the Dax group Linde, which he directs since May. For six years it was different: da Büchele flew restlessly through the world, and when he went by the Board in Frankfurt, BASF banner reminded him that he no longer belonged to. The laced group had for the Executive Board nominated him seven years ago – and with a BASF employee fired shortly before the appeal because of an extramarital affair. Very few people can and want to retire after the crash just, as did about ex-CEO Klaus Zumwinkel following his conviction for tax evasion. In the process, the Manager was not only all the offices, but also his Cologne Villa, which again was after the search warrant on the television news. He lives in London and at the second residence of the family – in a castle above the Lake Garda. It was a difficult first Kuno Sommer with honesty. At his first contact with the US competition authorities he was silent out is about the price-fixing, which had made Roche in the vitamin business. But because his cartel brothers by Rhône-Poulenc recognized the charm of the leniency and in turn readily gave information, the force (13 makers were part of the total) but then flew. Both both in Europe and America the antitrust guardians vehement fines imposed, and in the United States, even an arrest warrant threatened summer. It wasn’t long until found a job for him in the biotech sector. He brought Berna biotech, a company that has focused on vaccines at the stock exchange; he pushed a takeover. As he himself was victim of a takeover, a job search was once again – but that this time already attracted less attention. Today is summer chief overseer of the Basel Pharmazulieferers Bachem and sits among other medical management to the Board of Directors. Witness to take on crime and punishment was useful to again win acceptance, Judge Manfred Kets de Vries, who is a professor at the elite school INSEAD in Fontainebleau near Paris. Envy who stands at the top, pulls up – that was always so, says the management coach. To the extent, however, as the gap in business and in society is growing, observed the Economist and psychoanalyst, even glee, that meets those who fails and crashes is growing. A second chance is there only for those who repent convincingly, Kets de Vries says. Sometimes also active repentance is needed to demonstrate the will to make amends. . Similar data can be read checking


LOS ANGELES-more than 22 million viewers (17.3 live and playback 5.5), a record-breaking audience for American television, viewed the first episode of the fifth season. More than 15 million for the second episode that last Sunday won incredibly major sporting events. The Walking Dead, horror series of the Amc cable tv in Italy it aired on Mondays on Fox, the fifth year is knocking down several records. The author of the top series of the year is Robert Kirkman, comic book creator already from which it was taken, a large top 1. 85, more than 120 pounds, heavy face with beard and smile on his face, Kentucky 35. In 2000 he debuted as an author of comics with Battle Pope together with artist Tony Moore. He then launched Invincible and The Walking Dead, in 2003. For those who had not ever seen, The Walking Dead tells the civilised world in disintegration after the spread of a virus that turns the dead into zombies that roam in packs looking for live from bite. The emphasis is placed on social and racial relations among the survivors, who gather in small communities often deadly war between them. And therein lies the narrative value of the series that, between bloody action sequences and spectacular, offers reflections on ethics and sense of solidarity and the common good. Kirkman noted: I believe the social allegory of my comic is present in the tv series. I know that my work is studied in the college and universities, and this fills me with pride, even though everyone is free to read the show as it wants, even as pure entertainment. The first episode of the fifth season brought one of the most violent and shocking sequences of the entire series, with four beheadings depressingly similar to those proposed in recent months by the Chronicle. There are rules laid down for the series that does not trasgrediamo and not pass. I think this episode remains within the bounds of the violent world of Walking Dead. It’s a tough reality, terrible, who lost every ethical parameter of civil society. This is a show that asks how humans would react after the fall of civilization and in the light of despair that follows. Often we hear of people who close their eyes because they can’t watch certain scenes, and we do it on purpose. Certainly we don’t exalt violence, but we let the audience decide. Such is the success of the comic and series that Kirkman was hired by Marvel Comics to revive the series Fantastic FourThe Avengers. And is also developing a spin-off series The Walking Dead, always written by Kirkman, to be launched in 2015, a series in which I try to show the humanity of all the characters, even criminals says. The title is still secret, unlike that of another tv production entrusted to Kirkman, Outcast: instead of zombies will exorcisms. The opportunity to create a series not related to a comic-book, but written directly for tv, is a further challenge for me. The demons are much more fearful of the zombies. If Walking Dead has horror elements and is primarily a story of survival. "The Outcast" will be much more terrifying, a real horror story. I was raised in the Christian religion, and for me to dig into that world will be a kind of therapy. There will be items inspired by film genre-the Exorcist for first-but also things that will take the audience by surprise. It seems strange to see so many demons explode from head of a man so good-natured. Personally, I am a sweet man, but I think my life is so happy, quiet and boring even, creative level pull out all my craziness. But, don’t worry, there’s also a romantic story inside me somewhere, and sooner or later will come out. Meanwhile, joyfully awaits his favorite day of the year, Halloween. I masquerade since I was 14 years old, but I walk around with my children to hours to collect as many cupcakes as possible from around the neighborhood. Shame that my children not ever give me the satisfaction of disguise by zombies, you have a lot to tell me that they hate the walking dead. . You can click this to discover extra on this great topic.