Kaspersky Lab offers the Scuderia Ferrari 360 degree protection.

(Rome, July 24, 2014)-Kaspersky Lab announces that the historic Scuderia Ferrari chose its solutions to protect IT security: from the industrial complex of Maranello to the technical equipment used in the track. With the exponential increase in global volumes of malware and targeted attacks, Ferrari was looking for an IT security partner that was not only able to keep pace with new threats, but he had enough experience that they can anticipate. The performance was a key factor, as we expect from an innovator like Ferrari. Ferrari production lines are among the most sophisticated in the world, in which high levels of automation combined with precision techniques, test data and more than 2. 000 employees, to form a complex high-value infrastructure with unique security needs. Ferrari had to choose a security partner that can integrate with this ecosystem to ensure cutting-edge protection without affecting its performance. To protect our valuable intellectual property, we needed a reliable technological partner, able to provide a complete IT security solutions and cutting-edge, says Vittorio Boero, Ferrari’s Chief Information Officer. In the past we suffered some intrusions, so you can imagine the importance of a reliable solution for our daily activities. Are followed more than six months of rigorous testing and benchmarking. The Basic team of developers and Kaspersky Lab’s technicians worked to resolve the issues of performance and latency, going so far as to produce a solution that can integrate seamlessly in highly complex infrastructure of Ferrari. The technical expertise of Kaspersky Lab’s team has been a determining factor in the decision of Ferrari. Our team year collaborated in a very profitable, says Eugene Kaspersky. We have built relationships with all sectors of the company, from the developer support team. We were able to customize and develop some of our unique features to fit the needs of Ferrari, and this has affected them tremendously. The collaboration between the two companies goes back to 2010 when Kaspersky Lab began sponsoring Scuderia Ferrari. Later, In 2013, have been installed Kaspersky solutions in more than 2. 500 endpoints across your enterprise and by the end of this year Ferrari plans to cover mobile devices and infrastructure servers. About Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab is the largest private company in the world that manufactures and sells security solutions for endpoints. The company ranks among the top four vendors in the world in this market. During its 16-year history, Kaspersky Lab has been a pioneer in the IT security market offering IT security solutions for the protection of end users, SMEs and large companies. Kaspersky Lab, whose holding company is registered in Great Britain, operates in 200 countries and protects over 300 million customers worldwide. For more information: www. kaspersky. com/en. * The company has placed fourth in Worldwide Endpoint Security Revenue by 2012, IDC’s Vendor. The ranking was published in IDC Worldwide Endpoint Security report 2013-2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares (IDC # 242618, August 2013). The report categorizes software vendor based on turnover from endpoint security solutions in 2012. . Related information can be read checking fact.


Food and drugs of the United States Administration approved Zydelig ® (idelalisib) of Gilead for chronic lymphocytic leukemia recurrent and follicular Lymphoma, small Lymphocytic lymphoma.

The accelerated approval of Zydelig for LF and LLP, two types of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, indolent, is supported by data from a phase 2 study of single group (Studio 101-09) Zydelig monotherapy in patients refractory to rituximab with chemotherapy with alkylating agent (FL: n = 72;) SLL: n = 26). In the study, Zydelig recorded a 54% overall response rate (range: 42-66%) and 58% (range: 37-77%), respectively in patients with LF and LLP. Responses observed in LF patients, 8% (n = 6) were complete Responses; 15 responses from patients LLP were partial. The average duration of response was 11.9 months in patients of LLP (range: 0.0, 14.7 months) and was achieved an average duration of response in patients with LF (range: 0.0, 14.8 months). The improvement in the survival of the patient or disease-related symptoms has not been established in these guidelines. Of the 116 and 101-09 study results were published in The New England Journal of Medicine in March 2014. This press release includes statements that are forward-looking under cover in the Litigation Reform Act’s private securities of 1995, that are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors, including the risk that doctors and patients may not see the advantages of Zydelig over other therapies, and show therefore reluctant to prescribe the product. In addition, European agencies and other regulatory bodies could not approve Zydelig on schedule or not approve it never and they should be granted approvals for marketing, could have important limitations in their use. Furthermore, additional studies of Zydelig may produce unfavorable results. These risks, uncertainties and other factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in these forward-looking statements. We recommend to the reader to not provide confidence in these forward-looking statements. These and other risks are described in detail in the annual report of Gilead in the quarterly form 10-Q for the quarter ended on March 31, 2014, filed with the SEC. All statements relating to the future are based on information currently available to Gilead and Gilead does not assume any obligation to update such statements in the future. . You can click the following http://cht.getboatplans.biz to discover extra on this great topic.


Istat: fall retail sales again, resist only discount.

Still negative news for the retail sector in Italy because Italians consumption remain at stake, confirming that the economic crisis is far from being passed. According to Istat, in fact, in May the index for retail trade registered a new fall of 0.7% compared to the previous month and the 0.5% compared to the same month last year. A heavy setback especially when compared with the month of April, where the Istat index had reported a rise in retail trade of 0.3% on a monthly basis and by as much as 2.7 percent on an annual basis. Of course are numbers that are seasonal because data due primarily to Easter effect when obviously retail consumption of Italians to multiply, especially in the food sector. According to data from the National Statistical Institute, in fact, may diminish in particular their sales of food, they do score a -1.2% compared to April, while more contained in those of non-food products that are always a -0.3% compared to the previous month. In general, as signaling the Istat, the discounters are the only food establishments that give positive signals. This type of shops, in fact, at the same time they did score a trend increase of sales of 2.4%. As a whole also takes the large retailers, with retail sales unchanged compared to 2013, while suffering from more and more shops of small surfaces with a retail sales slump of 1.1%.   In the middle of the quarter March to may 2014, the retail index shows a slight decline compared to the previous three months, while 0.1% of the well-known advertising even more negative as of the first five months of 2014: -0.5%. In detail, comparing may 2014 consumption with those September 2013, the larger declines are in computer science with a -3.8%, but did not go much better stationery, books and newspapers with a -3.1%. Downhill even appliances ( -1.8%) and pharmaceuticals ( -1.3%). Extended facts can be inspected reading http://cht.getboatplans.biz.


Real Madrid remains champion of Europe of transfers.

80 million euros for James Rodriguez (or), 30 for Toni Kroos and 10 for Keylor Navas: Real Madrid is, this t yet, the biggest host of the march of the transfers. A year ago, the football club to the biggest turnover (EUR 520 million on 2012-2013 for 132 million of profit op) rational had d pens 30 million for Isco, 39 for Asier Illarramendi and 100 for Gareth Bale. In all, since the 2009 t and the 94 million for Cristiano Ronaldo, there d pens over 700 million! fault a contract of image – a partnership without previous in the world of sport – between the MTP and the Office of the Qatar tourism – i.e. a nearby institution of its properties silence-, UEFA has estim exag r and so there r reduced by half (from 200 EUR 100 million). M me if it would be potentially means and m me if it has less debt, the MTP cannot compete with Real Madrid. � . Root data could be studied clicking the following resource.


First Metros: Night, I have the impression to be God.

Every day, find on first Metros portrait and the testimony of a traveler’s dawn. Discover the daily lives of those and those who get up early and without whom our cities and our lives would be perhaps less comfortable. I get out of work. Throughout the night, I scan negative picture for an expo which will be held in the House of the photography Robert Doisneau. It is a summer job. During the year, I am a student. I did two years of architecture and now I directs me to digital arts. I also do the picture, but I’m not yet Doisneau, eh! Otherwise, it doesn’t bother me to work at night. In general, I do not sleep at night. This is where I find inspiration. At the moment, I’m on an artistic project around the birth of Adonis. During the night and that everyone sleeps, I have the impression to be God! -Iyo, 19 years. Related data can be inspected checking http://cht.getboatplans.biz.


Residential complex for non-smoking: here tenants may get no cigarette.

A machine drilling a deep hole in the ground. It roars loudly. Spectators eye the construction site in passing. In a few months, a new building should be on the site in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt. It should belong to the first plant with only smoke-free homes, the company said the Housing Association (WG) Halle-Süd, Susanne Rackwitz. Germany wide according to a project is unique. Not at the kitchen table, on the balcony or in the garden do light a cigarette in the settlement. Even guests would have to abide by the strict rules. The German tenants Association is rather sceptical about the project. The tenants be informed sufficiently in advance about the idea, says the Managing Director of the non-smoking Association, Siegfried Ermer. Who have doubts, could not move. Each tenant must consent in writing in the agreement. Who smoke despite admonition, must reckon with a termination. Ermer offer smoke-free homes even as a private landlord. The concept works only if you stay with the tenants in contact, so the non-smoker. I have the greatest concern, that this is allowed, says the Managing Director of the German tenants Association, Ulrich Ropertz, in Berlin. It could be discussed though with tenants, that should be no smoking in an apartment. But whether it goes through in case of doubt before the Court, is questionable, as Raina. Smoking in the home is principally permitted, as long this bothers the neighbors, not, explains Raina. Some judgments prove however that smoking does not always in security can weigh. In November 2013, the judge of the District Court of Frankfurt urteilten that homeowners have no unrestricted right to smoke on their balconies. An apartment owner qualmte from one of its two balconies in the overlying bedroom – and had to stop. End of June smoking Friedhelm Adolf had to take at the Düsseldorf District Court defeat in stride. After 40 years, he must give his apartment. It was said he did not mind, to pull his smoke in the hallway, in the grounds of the judgment, which is not yet final. . You should visit the following article to discover more about this amazing topic.


Middle East: Hope for truce remains vague.

The Panel of 47 Nations majority adopted the draft at a special session in Geneva. The UN High Commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, moved to doubt that Israel will do everything to avoid civilian casualties. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon demanded clarification about a missile discovery in a school of the United Nations in the Gaza Strip. He is outraged that the weapons in the school were discovered and then disappeared, said ban according to UN release. Those responsible have thus made possible attack targets schools and taken the lives of innocent children, UN staff and seeking protection in danger. The United Nations would investigate the incident and take all necessary measures to prevent such a thing could happen again. The relief and Works Agency of for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) United Nations had communicated about a week ago that a rocket warehouse with about 20 bullets has been discovered in the empty UN school. UNRWA maintains 245 schools in Gaza, in which approximately 225 000 Palestinian children are taught according to their own figures. . You can visit the following http://cht.getboatplans.biz to read more regarding this interesting subject.


MH17 tragedy: flight data recorder was not tampered with.

The Netherlands took over the leadership of the international investigation into the cause of the crash of flight MH17 on Tuesday at the request of Ukraine officially. The country underwent a day of national mourning. The first victims landed at the airport in Eindhoven. But long ago not all dead in the Eastern Ukraine have been recovered. Meanwhile, the separatists have shot down two warplanes. The development for future reference. Are fired the rockets, which on Wednesday on the East of Ukraine, two Ukrainian fighter aircraft were shot down, according to the Government in Kiev from Russian territory. The missiles had been shot down after preliminary information from Russian territory, said the Security Council of Ukraine. The fighters of the type Su-25 were on the road at an altitude of 5200 meters. The first victims of the plane crash in the Eastern Ukraine have been brought into the Netherlands. In the presence of the Dutch Royal couple, Prime Minister mark Rutte and many members ended up a Dutch Hercules transport aircraft on Wednesday at 15 46 pm at Eindhoven airport. Shortly thereafter, an Australian engine followed. Both were started in the morning with a total of 40 coffins aboard the Ukrainian Kharkov. After the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea by Russia, the Kremlin plans to strengthen the Black Sea fleet, stationed there. In a message to the soldiers, the Announces Commander of the Black Sea fleet, Alexander Witko, an expansion of the air force systems, as well as the stationing of missiles, ground troops and more naval personnel on. We prepare the bases and crews, on new ships and submarines to serve, according to the communication further. German Chancellor Angela Merkel accuses the Kremlin and the pro-Russian separatists continued lack of cooperation during the reconnaissance of the plane crash and pacification of the situation in the Ukraine. There are still problems with the recovery of the victims, as well as the unfettered access of international experts to the crash site. The Kremlin show little interest in comprehensive education, Deputy Government spokesman Georg said campaigners on Wednesday in Berlin for the Chancellor, who is currently on holiday. Russia is also not sufficiently moderating effect a armed pro-Russian groups. Still 16 corpses lie on the death of probably downed Malaysian airliner MH17 after representation by separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. The pro-Russian forces that objected on Wednesday to the Ukrainian Government, which recovered all 298 victims of the Boeing crash last Thursday and the works were concluded. Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott expressed concern about the condition of the bodies probably still at the crash site of the accident flight MH17. The recovery of human remains in the Eastern Ukraine was run previously unprofessional, Abbott told Australian media on Wednesday in Canberra. After a first sighting of bodies rolling stock in Kharkov we must say: we simply do not know how many bodies we have, cited inter alia the newspaper Herald Sun the head of Government. The recovered flight data recorder of the crashed Boeing have arrived in the UK. A spokeswoman for the British Ministry of transport says. We can confirm that the two flight recorders are brought by MH17 of the Dutch safety authority to download the British air accidents investigation authority, the spokeswoman says. The British authorities had previously declared that all results would be delivered to the competent authorities and not released in the United Kingdom. Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott suspected many of the bodies still missing after the crash of flight vehicle over the Ukraine remains at the site of the disaster. It is quite likely that many corpses are still out there unprotected in the European summer, interventions from outside, as well as the heat, and animals out, Abbott said in the capital Canberra. He demands a comprehensive systematic search at the same time the still missing death victims at the crash site. The rescue work had been so far quite unprofessional. The recording of the radio communications between the pilots of the crashed airliner and Ukrainian air traffic controllers is located in Kiev at the secret service SBU. It was unclear whether and when the records would pass international experts for analysis, says a particular unnamed SBU employees according to media. The authorities had seized shortly after the crash on July 17 the recording in Dnipropetrovsk, it says. Investigators hope the radio traffic among other things information about whether the Malaysian Boeing 777-200 could changed their flight route over the conflict zone in the Eastern Ukraine. Despite the harsh criticism of the British Government to Russia’s behavior in the Ukraine crisis, companies of the country must continue to deliver weapons and military equipment to Moscow. Total 251 export permits with a trading volume of at least 231 million pounds (about 167 million euros) are still in force, as shown in a report for the Parliament. The licenses therefore concern under other sniper rifles, ammunition for small arms, protective clothing, and night vision equipment. Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone rejects demands to cancel the Grand Prix premiere in Russia. He would respect the agreement with the organizers of the race in Sochi to 100 percent, the daily mail quoted the British. British leaders demanded a cancellation of the championship run because of the worsening of the Ukraine crisis and of the presumed shooting down of a passenger plane over the Eastern Ukraine on October 12.   After the alleged shooting of a Malaysian passenger plane by pro-Russian separatists, German politicians call the alignment of the World Cup 2018 by Russia into question. If the Russian President Wladimir Putin not actively involved in the investigation of the plane crash, which is World Cup 2018 in Russia, and unimaginable, says Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth of the Bild-Zeitung. Similar remarks also come from the Greens. The Netherlands received on Wednesday in deep mourning the victims of the plane crash in the Eastern Ukraine. A plane with the first coffins are expected in the afternoon against 16: 00 from Kharkov in Eindhoven. There, they are expected by members of the Dutch Royal couple and Prime Minister mark Rutte according to a Government spokesman in the Hague. After landing the machine, a minute’s silence will be held in the country. Wednesday is a day of national mourning on Government directions. 193 Dutch killed had come in the crash. . Additional info can be found reading hyperlink.


The US president again in trouble on the ‘   Obamacare  ».

The Washington appellate court first imposed a major snub to the law, arguing that the federal Government is not entitled to subsidize Americans who subscribed their health insurance at the federal level, via the healthcare platform. gov. According to the judges, the grant may benefit only the Americans have taken their insurance via a regional platform (at the level of the State). However, thirty-six Republican-majority States have chosen not to create a regional platform. According to the latest available figures, between October and mid-April, 5.4 million people have insurance via the Federal platform, and 85% of them are eligible for federal subsidies. Their conditions are not immediately threatened, insofar as the Obama administration has filed a new appeal. A spokesman for the White House challenged Tuesday stop, not without irony, considering that "do not have a degree in law to understand the intention of the Congress, namely that every eligible American has access to the tax credits that lower the cost of their health insurance, be it through a federal or regional platform’. . You can read this http://cht.getboatplans.biz to read more on this interesting topic.


The plane crashed, Usa: “shot down by mistake by filorussi. The Missile exploded to 20 meters.

As reported by Corriere della Sera, on the night was held a Summit of American intelligence from which they emerged some certainties: the missile was launched from filorussi by mistake, but it is not possible to prove the presence of Moscow’s military coordinated anti-aircraft operations. Still many obscure points on the dynamics of the incident. The American 007, admits an officer, don’t know the name, the degree and do not have absolute certainty about the nationality of those shot. Also remain vague news about Buk missile system. At first it was thought to have been transferred to Russia, to get rid of a smoking gun, but with the passing of the hours that belief falters. American intelligence services are still concentrated on the remains of the flight that have different-sized holes are compatible with those of a surface-to-air missile. Even here, there is no certainty about bomb launched. There are only hypotheses. The most likely is that the plane was a Russian-made Sa 11 shot by Buk missile, deployed in the village of Snizhne. . For more insights regarding this topic click http://cht.getboatplans.biz.