Thierry, funeral Advisor: “with this profession, I made friends!»

"Quite honestly, I don’t think that this profession is a vocation," confesses Thierry Trèfle, a large forecastle of a meter four twenty ten with regard to both malignant and benign. It became burial adviser – or croque died – a family bereavement that many him,. It is this event that pushed him to practice his trade that he equates with a real therapy. "I want every ceremony I organize to be perfect. "And for each family that I meet, I do as if it were mine, I talk to them as possible to try to understand them better and do something on measure, which exactly matches the expectations", he explains. His workspace? Similar to the office of any adviser or commercial, with samples of all the products it sells: funeral, caskets, fabric,. He admits to organize between 4 and 5 ceremonies a month in his agency located rue Drouot, just opposite the Town Hall of the 9th arrondissement of Paris. And the rest of the time,. He discusses with the families. "Some people which I am already busy spend see me out of the blue to Exchange over coffee. It is important to stay in contact with these families. » Why Thierry account, and families with which it becomes sometimes friend. "My work is not trivial. "It’s me who must make sure that a farewell to a loved one happens exactly according to the wishes of the family," he said. . For additional data about this topic read homepage.


Postal Branch Director blackmailed by a lover empty accounts of depositors.

Savings bonds, bogus wire transfers, withdrawals Ghost in postal savings accounts of pensioners. 200 thousand euros of salassi a random while silencing the former lover that he kept in check: or give me the money or do I see those sensual photos to your husband. The hunted lover, victim of blackmail to a red light quarantaduenne, Director of a post office in a village in the province of Massa Carrara. The lover, a craftsman of 49 years carrarese thirsty for money, threatened waving photos hard who were shot when they were together and she paid by opening the coffers of post. A love story gone horribly wrong, that told in the pages of the nation of Carrara. Extortion, instead, to the police. The photo indicted are those that prove the relationship there was between the two: in some pictures she was naked and she did portray poses sensual and alluring. Cos, having pocketed 200 thousand euros, the lover, finished on trial for extortion. Porn revenge, disclosure of intimate shots, I would call the British who want it to become a specific offence. But how were they scraped together the 200 thousand euros? The Director before he emptied the piggy bank of his savings, but when he saw that not enough simulated withdrawals and deposits in postal savings accounts on behalf of customers actually nonexistent. Raided all she needed to pay her ex-lover and avert the end of marriage. When the offices of the Provincial Directorate of posts they realized these suspicious movements had opened an internal investigation and, once identified the author of those strange withdrawals made from the letter of dismissal and the complaint for misappropriation. In the trial for extortion, instead, the woman and the injured party lodged a civil party hoping to get back the money paid for fear. He asked for the return of 200 thousand euros but also other 50 000 as compensation for moral damages. Pity that the accused is not and have deserted the hearing. . You must check this hyperlink to read extra on this interesting subject.


One in seven British youths ‘sympathetic’ with the Islamic State.

One of every seven j venes brit nicos admits to having a visi Pro n toward State Isl mico (IS), seg n a survey by Populus released by The times. 14% of the population between 18 and 24 to you in Gran Breta a confesses that he IS inspires him a cordial n feeling, an opinion n shared by less than 5% of the total of the brit nicos. The result of the survey (by charge of the asociaci n pro-jud to We Believe in Israel www. webelieveinisrael. org. uk) has caused a great impact on the opinion n p Republic brit nica, alarmed at the relentless March of j venes yihadsitas with destio to Syria and Iraq. We should not unnecessarily alarmist, warns Meanwhile Marat Shterin, Professor of religion at Kings College London n. I do not think that those who recognize certain cordiality by the IS est n according to their forced to. There are three reasons that explain my view of the results of this survey: the ignorance of International Affairs, the distrust in the media and anti-establishment sentiment. . Similar data can be found reading


Olives picking halved: increases the price of oil, about 5.50 euros per litre.

The big heat and drought, combined with the invasion of the olive fruit fly, resulted in compromising the olive harvesting season in Italy. The price is set to increase from 3.50 euro per liter to 5.50 euros per litre per bottle, after which the production has dropped by up to 80 percent in some areas of Italy. Silvio Bandinelli, Tuscan Olive growers Coop. He said: "The new oil will cost 2-3 euros more per litre compared to last year, or an average of 10 euro per liter.  Some manufacturers have decided not to produce the extra virgin because the flavor of the oil will be too acid ". According to Renzo Confederation of Small agricultural producers in Italy warm spring followed by a wet summer had led to a very poor production at the beginning of the year. "Already we expected a harvest of 20 per cent. But the arrival of the fruit fly (or olive, of course) did go all up in smoke. This insect has blasted the harvest of many small and medium-sized producers because he ate all of their olives leaving only the skin and the core ". Olive fly Bactrocera oleae, or spawns on olive skin. The larvae dig the pulp of the fruit coming up in depth, to the heart, and to damage them relentlessly. Michelle CG, who owns an organic farm at Poggio al Sole near Florence, said it had suffered losses of 30. 000 euros. Wrote on Facebook: "The organic farms were affected worse than others by fatal this year. It’s a shame to give up the crop. " Paul Caarliitaah owner of a farm in Sesto Fiorentino, Tuscany, in Tuscany, where 1000 plants have been affected by Moscow, said: "Unfortunately this year we won’t have the production of extra virgin olive oil because Moscow has damaged all the trees". . Additional data can be read visiting reference.


Negotiation, Napolitano: “D’ambrosio gave me anxiety and impatience”.

During the deposition the President evokes the judgment of the visit: "I ‘m, you know, sometimes just on a thin line, not what I have to say not because it has anything to hide, but because the Constitution provides that do not say, and what they mean to facilitate as much as possible a" clarification process "Are as saying, sometimes just on a thin line, what I have to say not because it has anything to hide, but because the Constitution provides that do not say, and what they mean to facilitate as much as possible a process of clarification ". Is the more explicit passage in which Giorgio Napolitano evokes the ruling of the Constitutional Court, deposing as heads to the process on Negotiation State-mafia. The transcript of that hearing was filed this morning to the registry of the Court of Assizes in Palermo: 86 pages that summarize a three-hour deposition. The President refers to the judgment of the Council virtually the first reply. "Mr President, I wanted to ask: before you send that letter, the Counsellor had announced it D’ambrosio? And anyway had expressed his willingness to resign from Office? "asks the Prosecutor Vittorio Teresi, referring to the letter with which the legal adviser to President Napolitano explains that he heard" useful "scribe of" unspeakable "agreements. Then a new nod to the judgment of the Council, when Teresi asks: "you had a direct dialogue on this theme so central and so dilaniante, apparently, for the Advisor D’ambrosio?". "Apart from say the principle of confidentiality of the talks by the President, but I would like to ask the Court and you all understand that on the one hand I’m held and firmly believe that we should respect the prerogatives of the head of State as laid down by the Republican Constitution. On the other hand I strain, I make the maximum effort to give at the same time the maximum of transparency to my work and the maximum contribution to the administration of Justice ". The letter from the legal adviser "for me it was a bolt from the blue as I was very impressed, and I considered the day’s after I prayed to come in my Office, having already drafted a reply that did deliver".  In the message "there was a real aggravation.  He was a man deeply shaken and saddened because he saw doubt his loyalty by servant of the State ". According to Napolitano that was the letter "by a man upset, written on impulse, with the goal to resign but knowing that it was in some kind of movement of opinion, let’s call it so, or journalistic campaign that was hurting to death". . Additional facts can be read checking page.


Syria and Iraq: unprecedented number of foreign Jihadists, according to the UN.

Some 15. 000 foreign jihadists from 80 countries visited these last years in Syria and Iraq to fight in the ranks of groups such as the Islamic State (ARS), a figure without precedent, warns a UN report cited Friday by The Guardian. This document, which several excerpts are published by the British newspaper, attributed this increase to the decline of Al-Qaida, stressing that the hard core of the extremist Nebula remains low. Since 2010, the number of present foreign Jihadists in Iraq in Syria is several times higher than that of the foreign fighters reported between 1990 and 2010, and continues to progress, continues the report, drafted by the Committee of the Security Council of the United Nations responsible for supervising the activities of Al-Qaeda, wrote the Guardian. There are examples of foreign terrorist fighters from France, Russia and the United Kingdom and the total of 80 countries, which some have not experienced in the past of problems linked to Al-Qaeda, adds the report. This document stresses that the activities of jihadis like the IC organizations focus especially in the countries in which they operate: the real cross-border attacks, or against international targets remain in the minority. However, the report insists on the danger that could represent these jihadis once returned to their country of origin, a threat that has pushed several countries, like the United Kingdom or France, to take measures to strengthen their detection and prevent their departure towards the Iraq and the Syria. The Committee of the Security Council also emphasises, according to the Guardian, the effectiveness of methods of cosmopolitan group recruitment Islamic State, which takes advantage of the social networks where the dogmatic communication of Al-Qaida could cool aspiring jihadists. . You should click this to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.


Technology: we need to talk love machines!

Love machines, you’ve done extraordinary: it connects billions of us to a global conversation, gives us access to the collected knowledge of the world in seconds, raises in the next town, without that we come out of breath in a few hours even on other continents, you supplied us with energy and drugs, us that we can address the good life. Our ancestors would be proud of you. Once you have hissed, hammered and drove, that could pass a hearing and seeing. Now they listen less and less, if you do your work. And, although you got so many. We count seven billion heads, you are, however, tens of billions, and yet you can hear you never complain never fight. Yes, you are always silent, almost in you ye, if you communicate with each other in the background in your binary language of ones and zeros. This technical term excused communicates–yet I can not imagine that you’re in, even though together ye smarter from year to year. Within seconds her detached insane computing tasks, while many of us do not deal with simple mental arithmetic. We have also noticed that you you increasingly among exchanges. Still, the amount of data that we obtain from you, is much larger than the amount of data in your own communications. To be exact, because you are truly: 543 times greater. However, your Exchange is growing rapidly, in three years he will be eight times, he swells much faster than the stream, you bring to us. And this is just the beginning: more and more of you, whether car or thermostat, be can participate – if I may use that word once – your talk. Do you know who are Marc Weiser and Kevin Ashton? No, of course not. The two had the idea that you should connect you. Marc Weiser called it 1991 a pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing, Kevin Ashton, eight years later, the Internet of things. You all should get processors and sensors, not only the computer among you. Marc Weiser wanted to do something good us people, because we we did so hard with the computers. The software of the early years, we had planted them, overwhelmed many. Kevin Ashton in turn wanted to do every thing to a machine that can share data about themselves and the State of their environment. Other scientists tried at the same time, to teach our language to you. We can’t talk in zeros and ones, but our brain, a heritage from millions of years of evolution, is not created. Now we can talk with some of you, thanks to interpreters like Siri. The talks bring us sometimes to laugh because Siri translated everything correctly. But the even, when people who have grown up with different languages, communicate with each other. . You can visit this weblink to read extra on this interesting matter.


Succession debate in the CSU: his Holiness takes over.

Francis (CSU) should be supplied Jour Fixe in Gerolfing according to Seehofer of every Monday morning at one with arguments for the political debate, at least in the first years. The Pope is still working in his current job Yes rather fachfremd: of which you may not require that he knows whether we’re just for or against refugees. Francis will have enough time in any case, to feel in the new Office. But I also knew what I had to do, if the Gaucho not packing it so Seehofer. Was that clear enough? In the search for his successor, there had been no thinking prohibitions, reported the Prime Minister. Bodo Ramelow, also Monika Gruber and Hubert Haderthauer had been so in the shortlist. At the end it also a good man decided between Francis and the train driver Weselsky. Francis got the higher score then at an assessment Center in the State Chancellery. Seehofer turned directly to those who are now disappointed: I say: love, Ilse, dear Markus, Dear Thomas Goppel: Bayern need you further. There is here a lot room for volunteering. Specifically, Seehofer praised Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt for his toll concept. He wished that Dobrindt follow the new Bavarian Prime Minister Francis 2017 on the Holy see as a small reward. I would have dared to Rome character also the Söder so Seehofer. But that is in the Vatican as in Bavaria: A Lutheran is unfortunately still not to teach the people. . Extended info can be read reading


The Senate adopted the 15 regions map of France.

On the occasion of the second reading of the first text of the territorial reform review, 175 senators, mainly UMP, centrist, and RDSE (by majority PRG), voted for this map redrawn by their special commission, while 33 voted against, including the Communists. Environmentalists and the PS all abstained. On the other hand, the Senate denied a voice near the maintenance of Nord/Pas-de-Calais region separated, going in the direction of the Government and the Assembly who want to see it merge with the Picardy region. The map passed by the Senate will be again submitted to the National Assembly, which may well revert to his version of 13 regions. "The addition of forces will promote harmonious territories and particularly economic development constituting a block of six million inhabitants, and the twelfth European GDP, based on the complementarity between Toulouse and Montpellier and the Mediterranean", argued Roland Courteau (Aude, PS). To Jean-Pierre Grand (Hérault, UMP), a supporter of the merger, "nothing justifies that Languedoc-Roussillon remains an isolated area at the time where the other merge". But it was not followed by his UMP colleagues who voted against, as well as Centrists and left the Communists and the RDSE (by majority PRG). Only the Socialists and ecologists voted for. The vote was tighter on amendments presented by dessenateurs of the Nord/Pas-de-Calais, both Socialist as centrists, to deny the merger between their region and Picardie, passed by the Assembly and approved by the Senate Committee. Disappointed by this result while their group was committed to support, senators PS du Nord/Pas-de-Calais left the meeting as a sign of discontent. . Similar info can be found reading


Major French offensive in the North of Mali.

The objective is the Adrar Teo, a mountainous area of the northeast of the country, and more specifically the Ametettai. This Valley is a jihadist sanctuary, an oasis where water and shade in a terrain that leaves elsewhere only pebbles. In March 2013, at the height of the Serval operation, these gorges transformed into bunker by al-Qaida had been the theatre of ten days of intense fighting between french soldiers and Islamists. According to the collected information, about 200 activists are again identified, "a number important for this type of organization", stresses on the Ministry of defence. Tudelle demonstrates that the Islamist threat is far from be excluded in Mali. For the french experts, this is not a surprise. "We knew that they would return," they said at the Ministry of defence. But the speed of this reorganization was less expected. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and his allies, the Tuareg group Ansar Dine, initially benefited from the slow deployment of the forces of the United Nations (Minusma). Despite the losses – twenty dead-, blue helmets, lack of equipment and Manpower, left free rein in Islamists. Where this powerful french re-engagement. Taking advantage of this vast area, where three borders (Mali, Niger, Algeria) to flee quickly, activists have quietly infiltrated. "They continually adapt to the situation and earn in discretion in their travels, motorcycle mainly, and in their modes of communication, using their phones less and less now," said Mathieu Pellerin, researcher at Ifri. Paris also had to wait before attacking. In the fall, negotiations were underway in Algeria between Tuareg parties and the Government in Bamako. "You couldn’t take the risk of everything to derail," details a diplomat. Indeed, "collusion between rebel groups and groups jihadists are very numerous, so that it becomes extremely difficult to distinguish who is who," says Mathieu Pellerin. This amalgam is symbolized by the recruitment of AQIM. If the Arabs there remain many, local groups, more or less related to Ansar Dine would be actually the most active. . Similar information can be inspected checking source.